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          How to achieve high cost-effectiveness in bar chair accessories

          2023-10-07 64

          Optimization planning: After reasonable planning, the production cost of bar chair accessories can be reduced, and their performance and quality can be improved together. For example, optimizing the structure of pallets and seat plates to better align with ergonomic principles and increase comfort in use; Using high-strength materials to manufacture casters, making them practical and reducing noise together.

          Choosing good materials: Using high-strength materials to manufacture bar chair accessories can improve its service life and reduce maintenance costs. For example, selecting polyester fiber raw materials to manufacture pallets to make them less susceptible to damage; Use corrosion-resistant stainless steel raw materials to manufacture casters, ensuring that they remain in good condition for a long time.


          Batch acquisition: Through batch acquisition, the unit price of accessories can be reduced, and inventory backlog can be reduced together. Able to establish long-term cooperative relationships with suppliers to ensure the supply and quality stability of accessories.

          Improving production power: By improving production processes and introducing automation equipment, it is possible to increase production power and reduce production costs. For example, introducing automated production lines, reducing manual operations, reducing error rates, and improving production.

          Emphasizing customer needs: Emphasizing customer needs and feedback, continuously optimizing product planning and quality, and improving customer satisfaction. Together, we can promote product advantages and characteristics through multiple channels, attracting more customers to value and purchase.

          Article source: Jiangmen Bar Chair Accessories Www.www.maybe-tomorrow.net