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          How to maintain mosquito gates

          2023-10-07 69

          Punctual cleaning: Remove dust and debris from the surface of the mosquito gate, adhere to its cleanliness and regularity, to ensure the ventilation and mosquito prevention ability of the mosquito gate.

          Component replacement: Check the various components of the mosquito gate on time. If any aging, damage or failure components are found, they should be replaced in a timely manner to ensure the effective effect of the mosquito gate.


          Placing personal belongings: When using mosquito traps, attention should be paid to placing personal items such as handbags, jackets, etc. to avoid wear and damage to the mosquito traps.

          Equipment orientation: The equipment orientation of the mosquito gate is generally on the doors and windows, and its effect is to block the entry of mosquitoes and other insects. When using equipment, pay attention to whether the orientation, height, and width are appropriate, and they should not block the original indoor sunlight of the doors and windows.

          Article source: Jiangmen Mosquito Control Gate Www.www.maybe-tomorrow.net